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What could taste better than rat hair, maggots and cigarette butts? Insect feces of course. But not to worry, says the FDA. Food manufacturers are kept to strict

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Where did the idea for the Fuck-It Bucket philosophy come from? Good question. As much as I love the Fuck-It Bucket, the phrase is not mine. It’s adapted from a

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Barb Sucks, an exhaustive theory.

If He Likes You Enough To Fuck You, He Should Like You Enough To Do These 30 Things

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As a parent, I’m running on empty on so many things. I’m short on time and energy. It feels like we’re bleeding money on things like summer camp, dentist

A place to celebrate anything anti-oppression, anti-kyriarchy, anti-hate and pro-equality. Run by two feminists who try to link to and reblog anything that is

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ATL Insider Blog. Your guide to events, festivals, entertainment and things to do in Atlanta

Jun 23, 2008 · The Killers: All These Things that I’ve Done {HD} Live at The Royal Albert Hall – Duration: 6:04. stelakoul 811,855 views

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What the fuck has Obama done so far? WTF! You forgot… | PG version site: Shavanna Miller, Will Carlough, and Richard Boenigk

Here is a list of things that, quite frankly, can go fuck themselves.

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