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Russian Brides Cyber Guide: Why Russian Women Want to Leave Russia – THE REAL ANSWER – By Elena Petrova (Russian Brides Cyber Guide) and Nina Jones*

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Roosh made a recent post about American Women who cant compete with foreign women and referenced a mail order bride event. As I was reading through the response to

People often ask me: “Wow, how long have you been drawing? I want to know how long it takes me to get that good at it too” Well, the answer is I’m drawing ever

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Hot russian lady Anna from: Nikolaev looking for love. I am very caring and optimistic woman! Sometimes I can be strict, but only due to serious

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Russian wedding protocol – engagement, preparations for the wedding, traditions and customs, rings, bride’s dress etc

The freshest, loveliest, and most colorful wedding bouquets that have graced the pages of Brides over the past two years.

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